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    Gather With Those That Set a Spark in Your Soul...


    We Help You Create an Unforgettable Experience with those You Love to Connect with...

    This can be done in the comfort of your home or a favorite spot of yours!  

    We deliver, setup, and come back to pickup. It's that easy...    


    Romance on the Beach

    She is one of a kind. She is approx. 6-7ft. tall. She is made of lace, wide open front, wood poles and is beige in color. Prices start at $100. You can add wine, snacks or dessert for an added fee.


    Happy teepee de Mayo! ._._.jpg

    Great for a cozy picnic

    She is 6-7 ft. tall with pompom fringe & along the panels. It has overlapping front panels for privacy & bottom ties which can be staked down. If there is something you like to add-just ask us! 

    "Bella Celine"


    Special Moments Created to Set a Spark in Your Soul ! 

    We deliver, set up and pick up. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Engaged Couple

    Wedding Proposal-I Do

    You're ready to pop the question but you're not sure about the how & where. All you know is that you want it to be a moment that she'll never forget. Whew! That's where we come in.

    *Contact me for pricing

    Bridal Shower Picnic

    Bachelorette Gathering

    Not all brides dream of night-club hopping for their bachelorette party. This boho style picnic setting makes it whimsical, personable and intimate.


    *Contact me for pricing

    Creating special moments that will spark a memory, a thought or a feeling...



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